Birth Stories

Here are a few birth stories from the couples who have completed the KG Hypnobirthing course with me.

Suze and James

"Hi, I’m Suze and I’m a very proud mummy of a week old baby boy.
When I first found out I was pregnant I was in slight panic mode, I was planning our wedding at the time and wasn’t quite ready for babies, but still.... he was there and getting ready to meet us.
As you’re reading this, I expect you may have some worries or concerns about birth. I was quite extreme with mine, and was convinced that child birth would be the single worse thing ever. I googled every thing that could go wrong, and convinced myself that he would get stuck, we would both come to harm etc etc. So my first bit of advice is don’t google what you don’t need to!

When I first spoke to Giselle about hypnobirthing my extreme fear was something I was already hoping she could help us with.

Our sessions:
I must admit, I didn’t really know what to expect even though I’d read a bit about it. Giselle explained everything really well and put us at ease, although we both had a few ‘giggle’ moments as it was all new and different to begin with.
We talked about how scared I was and I didn’t feel silly or uncomfy, Giselle understood and made me feel like everything I was going through was normal.
The readings really helped me, and after our first session I slept for 11 hours! Not something I usually do so it showed how some of the stress had been relieved.
We made sure we did readings every evening and it really helped James feel part of it too. He had worries and fears too, I think sometimes the partners can be a bit forgotten about but the sessions gave James a chance to learn and be part of it. He loved the feeling of helping to put me at ease.

Our birth:
So the first time I experienced waves I did have a small panic! All the fears came back, James straight away used the techniques and words we had learnt and it worked! We carried on cooking the tea even! This was a false alarm and after a bath and a nap they had stopped. In a way I think this was my body preparing me for what was to come.
When the morning finally came (a week and 2 days over due) we woke to quite intense waves so I headed for the shower to try and relax followed by some bouncing and swaying on my gym ball. James used lots of the words we had learnt and I stayed calm and excited to finally meet our little man. We headed to the hospital (after a cuppa of course!) and things stepped up quite quickly, I had some pain relief and a bath, we even had lunch and a dance around the delivery suite, I definitely didn’t think I’d be dancing whilst in labour!
I got in the pool once the pain relief had worn off as I was hoping for a water birth. Unfortunately little man had other ideas and I had to get out of the pool and was a bit uncomfy.
I ended up with an assisted delivery as we both got quite tired. So although it wasn’t the water birth I had planned, we still made it!

My beautiful and perfect baby boy Jaxson was born at 2.11 on 3 February. We were home the following day and settling in to family life is the most amazing thing we’ve have ever done.

My advice to anyone that has fears or worries or just wants to feel more in control of pregnancy and labour is give hypnobirthing a go, i can’t recommend it enough.

Suze and James x"




"Once again, thank you for the course We approached the delivery of our daughter feeling relaxed, confident and well prepared as a result of it. Listening to the hypnobirthing scripts during labour, having practiced these and the relaxation techniques at home, made the hospital feel much less clinical and we focussed on the breathing techniques to birth our baby calmly and naturally. Thank you again for your support and guidance in our hypnobirth practice."